Staplehurst branch 01580 493 566
Welling branch 020 8854 2325
Dartford branch 01322 220033

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Fit seat cover and protective floor mats
Check all mirror conditions
Check outer trims
Check front and rear number plates
Check all exterior lights operation
Check exterior light condition
Check Front and rear wipers
Check front and rear washers
Test brake fluid boiling point
Check and report on eng bay fluid levels (ie p.a.s fluid, coolant)
Advise on timing belt interval
Check Horn Operation
Check steering operation
Check Steering Components for Wear
Check Wheel Bearings for noise and wear
Check all shock absorbers for leaks
Inspect exhaust sys for leaks and Noise Inc Cat
Check and report on front and rear brakes
Drain and replace engine oil and filter
Check and adjust tyre pressures
Carry out road test
Carry out Car Wash and Vac
Check coolant hoses for leaks and security
Inspect expansion bottle
Check fuel cap condition
Visual check of fuel lines
Check drive shaft gaiters for leaks and security
Check glow plug operation (diesels only)
Check distributor for cracks
Visual smoke check
Check servo operation
Check windscreen for crack or chips
Check front and rear seat belts inc lap belts
Check radiator for leaks and security
Check spare wheel pressure and security
Check and top up clutch fluid
Check rad cap condition
Visual check on spark plugs and report
Visual check and report on pollen filter
Check condition of ht leads
Carry out underside body inspection
Carry out suspension deflection test
Lubricate all door latches and check straps
Check all interior switches
Test starter motor cranking and security
Check rear brake drums of dust
Adjust rear brake shoes
Replace fuel filter petrol and diesel (if fitted outside fuel tank)
Grease all suspension and driveshaft nipples
Top up battery if not a sealed unit
Lubricate handbrake linkage and cables
Lubricate rear brake pivot points
Top up brake fluid to correct level
Top up p.a.s fluid to correct level
Refill screen washer fluid
Renew engine air filter
Check and top up clutch fluid
Visual check on front wheel alignment
Replace pollen filter
Replace spark plugs (additonal cost if Longlife)
Carry Out Eng Diagnostic code read Eobd only
Carry Out Cooling sys Test
Replace sump plug washer
Top up screen wash with high power concentrate
Test alternator charge rate
Check cooling fan operation
Carry Out Top engine bay clean
Stamp Service Book
Reset Service Light
Update any electronic service history

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