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DPF Clean

At Claremont's Welling and Dartford our fully Ata trained Technicians can carry out on site dpf maintenance cleaning. Next paragraph. Your vehicles DPF can become clogged and periodically needs to be cleaned. At Claremont's we can carry out a DPF clean and regen service to save on costly repairs.

Your DPF may become clogged due to a few reasons. List to read

  • Short journeys where the engine doesn't reach optimum operating temperature.
  • Clogged EGR increasing diesel soot passed to the DPF.
  • Faulty fuel injectors sending too much fuel to the air/fuel mixture.
  • Incorrect engine oil required for DPF Cars
  • Turbo failing with oil dripping into the DPF.
  • High mileage car that will find regeneration harder

At Claremont's we can carry out all diesel diagnostic to ensure the protection of your DPF.

Both Claremont Motors Dartford and Welling are now proud to of come a Delphi Diesel Centre.

Delphi Diesel Centre, a diesel specialist authorized to perform OE warranty and the test and repair of a range of fuel injection systems and many more.

So if you own a diesel Car or Van Claremonts are here to help no matter how big or small.

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