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Computerized Wheel Alignment

Claremont Motors Dartford and Welling branches offer the latest testing Wheel Laser Tracking service for every type of car and van make.

Here at Claremonts we have the latest in computer controlled four wheel alignment equipment. Nowadays most modern vehicles come with very specific tolerances for wheel alignment. This alignment will have an effect on how your car handles, grips the road and will also effect how the vehicles tyres wear. Most new cars have their alignment set before leaving the factory. It is very common for alignment to deteriorate with age or when knocked out of place due to pot holes, poor quality roads and contact with curbs when parking.

The majoirity of garages and tyre fitters without Laser Tracking will only offer a very basic tracking service which will measure and re set just one aspect of the front wheels. This alone is not enough to guarantee correct wheel alignment. Out of date and well used equipment will also lead to incorrect wheel alignment.

Our equipment guarantees the correct alignment of all four wheel across each plane of movement. This will result in better handling, reduced tyre and suspension wear and better grip. A four wheel alignment is also essential for any car that has undergone suspension lowering or modifications. If your vehicle has had major remedial work on it's suspension then a four wheel alignment is also essential.

Accurate 4 Wheel Alignment provides maximum tyre life and driving safety.

Please see our pricing page or contact us to discuss your requirements and for a full quotation.

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